It's Time for You to Start a Podcast

Posted on December 14, 2015 by Jensie in Content

I know it's sitting there in the back of your mind. You've thought about it a few times, but it just seems kind of like a pie in the sky. You wonder if you really could create and maintain a podcast for your business. Well, I can't answer that question for you, but I'm going to give you a few things to think about today that might help you put a little more thought into taking the plunge. 

Why Podcast

First of all, I think I should clarify: there are many different motivations for podcasting. As with a blog, a podcast can be a content delivery platform, a product to be monetized, or a hobby. Today we're going to talk about the first option—the one that makes the most sense for small businesses and personality entrepreneurs. (Unless of course you are a podcaster!) 

1. Podcasting is still relatively new and not many businesses are taking advantage. Yet. This is changing by the minute, but if you think you're too late and the market is saturated, you're wrong. In fact, Pew reports that even though the number of Americans who have listened to a podcast in the last month have doubled since 2008, we're still only at 17% of the population over 12. That's a lot of room for growth. One could even argue this is the perfect time to get into podcasting because now the shine has worn off and we know it's going to be sticking around for awhile. Again, Pew shows that nearly 50% of Americans over 12 have heard of podcasting, so the word is getting out.

2. Podcasting is a great way to break the ice and make contacts in your industry. Lots of shows have an interview format, and people LOVE to be interviewed. If you're looking for a way in the door to do some networking, a podcast is a really good tool. 

3. Content, content, content! My favorite topic! Podcasting is another option for producing original, branded content that you can push out through your newsletter and social media channels. Blogging can get boring, and switching it up with an audio version can invigorate your content strategy. You can do interviews, panels, or an audio blog format, or mix of all three. 

4. One word: iTunes. Although I hate the damn thing and I swear everytime I open it, apparently people use this beastly thing to find podcasts. If you've done your homework, people interested in the topics you cover have a good chance of finding you here. Same goes for Stitcher and other podcast aggregators, but iTunes is by far the biggest.

Some Buts 

Podcasting definitely isn't for everyone, and you should really think through your goals and audience before you jump in. Do you have topics you know people will want to hear about? Do you have the support and/or time to commit to a podcast? Depending on your format, planning, producing, editing, and uploading the podcast can take hours per episode (though it really doesn't have to). Does your audience even listen to podcasts? These are all issues for you to consider as you get rolling.

If you have questions about podcasting or want help deciding if it's right for you, let me know! I'm happy to help you decide. We also just introduced a podcast launch package that will help you go from idea to episode with the support of the Slanted team. 

Jensie is the ringleader of Slanted Communication & Consulting. She is an expert in marketing, social media, content, and loves helping other entrepreneurs get started in their own adventures. Learn more about working with Jensie and her team here.