Case Studies

  • Idaho Estate Planning

    “I am an estate planning and elder law attorney. As an attorney, I was really slow to move my inconsistent marketing efforts to the internet. Enter Jensie and Slanted Communication & Consulting.

    "Jensie has been the quarterback of my marketing effort for nearly three years. She began by helping me to clarify and simplify my marketing message. This helped me to organize and package the services my team provides in a way that made communicating those serves and their pricing much more streamlined and direct than in the past. As a result, our revenue from social media marketing increased by nearly 200% and web traffic increase five times over. 

    "However, neither of these increases is as important as how prepared our social media and internet prospects are to engage our services when they come in. We used to fear the "digital" prospect because they were still shopping and trying to find information. Now, our digital prospects have fully invested in our process and we look forward to visiting with them. They have become as inclined to engage us as the prospects referred by our rain broker, something we never anticipated."

    Mark Wight, Attorney and Founder - Idaho Estate Planning

    We are thrilled with the results Idaho Estate Planning gets from their online marketing efforts. From regular blog posts and emails, to their weekly podcast and a straight-up book, they are adventurous and committed. 

    After getting their blog posts more personalized and focused on their offerings, we have been working on getting some automated marketing up and going. Using automation tools, we're now following up with leads and driving more traffic to the site (and through the door).

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  • KickFactory

    “We decided to work with Jensie and Slanted team because it was time for us to build a reputation for our own brand. KickFactory works with a lot of different brands to connect with customers, but we weren’t taking our own medicine. With Jensie’s help, we were able to launch the KickFactory blog and provide unique insights in the world of social media, advertising, and their ever-changing landscapes. This is helping reach our goals of growing our business and our impact worldwide.”

    Scott Lewis, CEO - KickFactory

    KickFactory is a data-driven business that connects brands to people. Their proprietary human-assisted AI gives brands a new way to reach customers, voters, and more. We've been priveledged to be a part of their growth over th past couple of years. 

    From the get-go, Slanted has supported the KickFactory blog. We provide all the content and social media support. Additionally, we have worked with them on creating Twitter reports, white papers, and other information to support their efforts. Currently, we are working on a campaign to build their email list.

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  • tab32

    tab32 sought us out to help specifically with their content marketing strategy. What started with a regular blog publishing calendar has turned into a strong, symbiotic relationship among partners. We have been thrilled to support tab32 in their efforts, including full service at their latest convention. Our team created their full booth: signage, brochures, and even sunglasses. Additionally, we were onsite with them to ensure success on the ground.

    Currently, we're working on developing a sales email funnel, more automation tools, and even a webinar series. The possibilities are endless for both teams!

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  • Health Numeric

    For Health Numeric, Slanted provides a number of services focused on writing. We did the copy for the relaunched website at, as well as research and copy to complete an in-depth white paper on choosing a remote patient monitoring company.

    We also created content for ads, flyers, postcards, and other Health Numeric collateral. We currently work with Health Numeric provided consulting services, a monthly e-newsletter, and other support as needed for their team.

    The designs for the ads, postcards, and white paper were created by the Health Numeric graphic designer and the web design by their web development team.

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