The Team



Chief Strategist

I value innovation and great copy. We can do a lot with words – whether it’s a small tagline on a billboard or brief conversation with a stranger in a grocery line. My education is teaching rhetoric and composition, and I find that helps me connect with the people I’m working with who are struggling to write their brochure or web copy. I help fill in the blanks, make a narrative, tell a story. My experience in marketing helps me fit those individual pieces into the bigger picture and building a brand image, voice, and identity. I have experience with small to large businesses, products and services, and tactics from social media to press releases.

I graduated from UM-Flint with an MA in English with concentrations in composition and rhetoric and American literature in December 2011. My marketing experience ranges from helping get a local roller derby league off the ground to most recently working with a mid-level business to business tech company helping them refine their messaging and focus on specific client types. There are lots of ways I can help your organization grow and meet your goals – even with just a short meeting to hear your plans and ideas. I’ll be nice but always tell you what you need to hear to make a difference.

When I’m not running around being a mom to my two wonderful kids and a partner to a super smart DO/PhD neurology resident, I like to read, CrossFit, sometimes bake, garden, and play Killer Bunnies. I also really enjoy exploring the Sacramento area and beautiful Northern California!



Lead Designer

As a designer I take my inspiration from everything I see and read on a daily basis, informed by my background as a fine artist. The needs of the client are paramount for me; I approach each project with a fresh view based upon the unique circumstances and requirements of the moment. I’m at my happiest when I can design something for a client that will exceed their expectations.

I have extensive experience working on a wide variety of corporate design projects, including full branding packages, as well as any number of print projects and web graphics. As well as these conventional graphic applications, I also have experience designing large print vehicle graphics for vinyl wrapping.

I live in Portland, Michigan with my wife and kids. I’ve got too many hobbies to name here, but let’s just boil it down to what I do most: I bake bread, I make cheese, and I tend bonsai trees.