Content for your business

We know it's hard to get consistent, quality content for your blog. It's even harder to fit that content into your larger marketing effort to get the customers you want in the door. Every package we offer includes:

  • Keyword research and site ranking
  • Monthly analytics & reporting
  • Basic site SEO
  • 1 hour of meeting time per month

We also want you to get the most mileage out of each blog post. That's why each one (no matter your package) includes:

  • Keyword optimized content (minimum 600 words per post)
  • An optimized title
  • A custom graphic for the post
  • Graphics for sharing the post on social media
  • Posting to your blog
  • Social media posts across your platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram)

To onboard each client, we take the first month of the retainer as a research and planning block. We'll get to know your business, customers, and goals and set out a plan for your content and marketing. 

We ask for a minimum 3 month commitment for these packages because even though we're good at our jobs, it takes time to make an impact on search rankings, site traffic, and bringing customers in the door.

Want to learn more? Just click here for a free, 30 minute consultation with Jensie, our Chief Strategist. Let's find out if we're the right fit for you.

Content Services

Content Basics

Get baseline support for your brand.

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Pro Content

Let us showcase your expertise.

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Expert Content

You're the expert. We can prove it.

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When you've got the skills or the people in-house to take care of the writing, but you you just need to get organized and pointed in the right direction, you need one of our strategy packages. 

Both packages are designed to help you get a handle on your content strategy and how to move forward in meeting your goals. 

Content Inventory

This report is designed to show you what you're doing right and where you can improve. Starting with a detailed SEO report and covering all your existing content, we'll look at what you're communicating to your market. Then, we'll help you tighten up that messaging and give you recommendations on how you can improve your rankings and collateral to get more out of your on and offline content.

Strategic Toolkit

If you want to take control of your content, we'll give you all the tools you need. Armed with a list of all our tips and tricks, a full report including your SWOT and market, along with access to us, you'll have everything you need to get your content running. More than that, you'll have content that's doing work and bringing you leads.

Content Inventory & Strategy

Content Inventory

Everything you're doing right, and what you could do better.

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Strategic Toolkit

Everything you need to DIY content.

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Full Plan

You want to make a difference. You want great content that has a full strategy behind it. Don't just write blogs to write blogs. Make your effort count! We can help. Get the complete content plan from our team and we'll give you everything you need.

We'll do all the legwork: SEO report, SWOT analysis, messaging and positioning. And then we'll go further: you'll get monthly themes, optimized titles for 12 blog post (a full quarter's worth!) and even custom graphics. It's literally plug and play: 12 weeks of blog posts with graphics and all the tools in hand to have the make an impact.

Complete Content Plan

Complete Content Plan

Take this plan and rock your content. We'll give you everything you need to grab and go with a solid strategy behind you.

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