• Is Your Facebook Page Missing Something? 3 Things to Check Right Now

    For most of us, Facebook is a place we interact with our current and potential clients. If you have a brick and mortar location, many people are check...

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  • Yes, You Need a Press Kit

    Does your business have a press kit? Wait, back up. Do you know what a press kit is? A press kit is a way for you to give reporters the tools they need to write a story about you. Assuming you want them too…. You do! Even in the age of content marketing and social […]

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  • #WorkitWednesday – Boilerplate Audit

    As Jensie promised in her post last week, this week’s March Madness challenge is to do your own boilerplate audit. Here’s the gist: Q: How do I do a boilerplate audit? A: Start with your elevator pitch. Write it down. Now, from there, look at all the places you write an ABOUT blurb for your […]

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  • Let’s Talk About Boilerplates, Man

    Recently, I’ve been working with a client to clean up her online bios. As she has a prolific web presence, we have scoured high and low to make sure all her online bios say the same things. As she has changed her offerings, published a book, and is actively working to grow her brand in […]

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