New for 2018: Strategy & Toolkits

Posted on December 18, 2017 by Jensie in About Slanted

We are breathing down the neck of 2018. Are you ready? Is your marketing plan ready? What about your content plan? 

We have good news.

After talking to a number of business owners, we've come to see that many of you need help with your plans—marketing, content, social media, and more. These tasks can be daunting, and when you have a business to run, they seem to keep getting pushed to the bottom of the list.

Not this time.

Maybe you don't need the help, you know what to do. Instead, you need some handholding or someone to hold you accountable for putting a plan in writing. Maybe you need someone to walk you through the process and get you started. 

We can help.

Not only are we offering a slate of content plans that get you off the hook for your content (we'll do it for you!), we have some strategy packages that may be the right fit. We'll help you get organized and give you everything you need to write great posts that affect your bottom line.

Wanna give it a go? Great! Book your free 30-minute strategy session NOW and get 15% off your package if you sign up before January 1.