Don't Call It a Come Back

Posted on November 14, 2017 by Jensie in About Slanted

No, I never follow my own advice. But isn't that how it always goes? The cobbler's children have no shoes, my brother-in-law the dentist never gets his teeth cleaned, and I can't get a blog post up to save my life. (He also never flosses, but that's probably a topic for another day.)

I'm back at it, and I think I'll be on the train with more posts and content for you all to mull over. It's been a strange, awesome, and exciting year and I'm really excited for 2018.

This year, Slanted has continued to grow. We've on-boarded some great clients and continued our work with many of our faithful, long-term clients. That being said, I've also spent quite a bit of time thinking about a few things:

  1. What kinds of work we love to do and where we're strongest
  2. How I want to spend my time as the "Chief Strategist"
  3. What it means to be a "content + design agency"
  4. How we can price and package our services to give our clients the best value
  5. Where I see Slanted in 5 years, 10 years, and beyond

So, over the next few weeks, I'll be sharing some of this with all of you. It's an exciting process that really started early this year when I finally registered for an LLC in California. And that's when I made the change. Instead of "Slanted Communication & Consulting" we're now "Slanted Content + Design Agency". You'll see a revamped logo coming and changes to all our stuff.

I made the change for a few reasons, but mostly because this is what I'm passionate about. It's what we're good at. I have the most fun and the best results when I work with clients who need consistent, quality content. Whether that's blog posts, podcasts, videos, or newsletters, this is where I want to be. And as I look back to the clients I had the best experiences with, and vice versa, I gave my best service and effort to those who grounded their work with me in their content.

That's the short of it. Look for more coming out about our new branding, packages, and focus on creating strategic, results-driven content. Because it's not enough to have a blog for a blog's sake (and they're too much work to be anything but precise and effective).

Want to take a peek at our new packages? Head on over and see what we're offering. Curious about adding a cohesive content plan to your marketing efforts? Schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation with me, I'd love to talk content strategy with you.