B2B Content Trends: What You Should Be Doing

Posted on June 11, 2018 by Jensie in Content

According to MarketingProfs, approximately 63% of B2B marketers in North America said that their content marketing is more successful than it was in the past – but what quantifies as “better?” Better doesn’t cut it when you plan to be the best.

Truth be told, the idea of B2B content marketing still is an issue for many, and business sales often reflect that. With that said, there are some tips and trends you should take note of to ensure your marketing is most successful each time.

Making B2B Content Marketing Work

Providing quality over quantity

A major trend in B2B content marketing is about providing quality. Instead of stressing about how often you provide content, it all lies within how good it actually is. If you’re yawning or rolling your eyes at your own content, something isn’t right.

Let’s be honest, receiving one delicious chocolate bar is so much better than receiving a box of spoiled chocolates with nasty fillings and chewy nuts that ruin the whole experience. It’s the exact same stuff when content marketing.

So how can you achieve quality content?

Dig deeper

Part of providing quality is going under-the-surface when writing or providing other content. Provide facts, case studies, and delve into other related topics. Don’t provide what everyone else has already provided.

Don’t ramble

You can still make your content long and engaging without rambling. Honestly, longer can be better but only if you know how to do it.

Get to the point while still making an attempt to keep your audience engaged. For instance, saying the one thing you needed to say towards the end of a 1,200-word blog post is not the way to go.

Make sure you have quality information throughout your content if you are going to make an announcement at the end. Know how to keep your audience reading, listening, or watching (“What’s going to happen next?!”).

Play around a little

Nobody said it was a crime to make other people laugh. Even when it comes to business, you can still interact with your audience in ways that are relatable.

In fact, playing around with your audience can evoke emotions which in turn help create a bond. Your audience will get attached to you and your business. That’s what you want, right? (If not, you’re reading the wrong blog post.)

Giving your audience what they want

A major part of marketing your business is considering what your audience wants. Does your audience enjoy when you crack a few jokes? Do they care about why your product works rather than that it “just does?”

Knowing how to engage and keep your audience coming back for more is important, kind of like dating; you don’t want the other person to lose interest in you, or in this case, your audience.

Kind of think of B2B content marketing as a game of chase. Don’t keep your audience wondering too much, but at the same time, keep them tagging along.

To achieve the latter, be fun, positive, interactive, and strategic with how you approach B2B content marketing. Don’t take the lazy way out.

Your audience will immediately catch on when they figure out that you’re playing it safe and not being serious about your business.

Diversifying your content

Being consistent doesn’t mean drowning your audience in the same type of content each time. That’s no longer consistency; that’s being boring. Get diverse with the content you provide. Go beyond blog posts and consider mixing it up with:

  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Whitepapers
  • Infographics
  • Anything you can think of!

Think of it like this: everyone loves food. Lots of people like spaghetti, and eating it one day is heaven. Having leftovers the next day is just as good – sometimes even better. However, continuing to eat spaghetti meal-after-meal, day-after-day gets old quickly. So what do you do? Stop eating the damn spaghetti, and find something else to eat!

See B2B content marketing in the same light. Mix things up every once in a while, so your audience doesn’t get fizzled out on your content strategies.

If You’re in a Rut…

So, if the whole B2B content marketing scheme is making your head spin, take a deep breath and remember that it all takes time to get used to. As much as I hate to say this, yes, B2B marketing takes effort and time. (I know, double sigh.)

But hey, if you’d rather not do the work yourself, our tiny but mighty team at Slanted Content + Design Agency would be more than happy to give your business the quality content it deserves or even give you some more tips if you want to do it yourself.

Get in contact with us today, and we can help you out with your marketing needs.