Let’s Talk About Boilerplates, Man

Posted on March 13, 2015 by Jensie in Branding

Recently, I’ve been working with a client to clean up her online bios. As she has a prolific web presence, we have scoured high and low to make sure all her online bios say the same things. As she has changed her offerings, published a book, and is actively working to grow her brand in another way, she has a real need to match up everything online (and off—what’s coming out of her mouth when she talks about herself). We have both been surprised as to all the places the bios have been hiding, but I think we finally got them all changed.

How long has it been since you did an update? Obviously for me it’s been awhile. My old website doesn’t say anything about where I went or why I haven’t updated that blog in several months. Oops.

That’s why I want you to think this weekend about your elevator speech and boilerplate. (Yep, you know what’s coming down the pipe for #WorkitWednesday this week!)

I like to describe a boilerplate as a word logo for your business (or it could be for your personal brand). Hopefully by now you wouldn’t be willy nilly about different logos you use all over the place. You may have versions of your logo—horizontal and vertical, for use on dark v. light backgrounds, an icon-like version—but they all have the same colors, fonts, etc. This is the same for your boilerplate. You’ll have a longer version on your website, and a really short one for Twitter. You’ll use a different version for LinkedIn than what’s on the bottom of your press releases. You’ll have a different speech for your C-suite as you would for your salepeople. Get it?

So if you want to get a jump on your task for Wednesday, think through your elevator pitch and boilerplate over the next few days. And always, if you need help ironing it out, let me know!