Launching: 12 Days of Content Challenge

Posted on December 05, 2015 by Jensie in Content

So I've been chatting with quite a few folks over the last few months and have pinpointed (I think) some of the issues many of you are having when it comes to producing content. Content to me means everything from videos, blog posts, podcasts, newsletters, white papers, and even infographics. Some of these are more advanced and more time intensive than others—but even the ones with the lowest bar to entry (blogging)—gets folks all stressed out.

That's where the 12 Days of Content Challenge comes in. This is a quick and dirty tutorial to help you work from a head full of ideas to getting your content written up and pushed out into the world. Once you sign up, you'll get an email every day to walk you through 45 minutes or so of effort. You'll have an assignment along with tricks and tips to help you finish for the day. If you finish all your work for 12 days, at the end, you'll have:

  • A month-long editorial calendar
  • 3 ready-to-post blogs with images
  • A video
  • A newsletter ready to blast out
  • Social media posts to share all this great new content

REALLY. So, if you are:

  • Struggling to organize the ideas in your head
  • Having trouble getting those ideas into specific content
  • Not sure where to start when it comes to editorial calendars
  • Unsure about the best practices for blogging, video, or newsletters
  • Ready for a fun, productive challenge
  • Needing some hand-holding to just sit down and make the content

I made this challenge just for you.

And it's good stuff. These are the same things my team and I use for our clients and how I help clients struggling to get their content together. You're gonna get it all for free. But what if you get stuck? Confused? Need help? We've got you covered. Join the Content Mentorship and Marketing Mastermind group on Facebook to collaborate with others in the challenge and ask questions. You can also use the #12daysofcontent hashtag.

Finally, because it's the holiday season RIGHT NOW, and I think this is a great time to get a jump on your content for next year, I'm offering a huge bonus to one lucky person who completes the challenge before January 1. After your final 12 days email, I'll send you a form to submit an entry into the drawing to win an hour consultation with me. With the winner, I'll walk through the calendar, read blog posts and the newsletter, watch the video, and help make a plan for the future. Woah!

So what are you waiting for? Start your #12daysofcontent challenge TODAY!

Jensie is the ringleader of Slanted Communication & Consulting. She is an expert in marketing, social media, content, and loves helping other entrepreneurs get started in their own adventures. Learn more about working with Jensie and her team here.