But, Really, What are the Odds? #MondayFunday

Posted on November 23, 2015 by SlantedTeam in Monday Funday

Have you let your mind run wild with "what if's" before? Have you allowed that fear to keep you from putting content out there? It can be hard to get past the boundaries in your mindset to really push out the great content that is in your head and just waiting to come out.

Have you ever thought about your fears and what the odd are of them really happening? Probably almost nil. And yet, here you are, holding back. Stop. Just stop it.

I know it's not really that easy, but if you want to allow yourself to be successful, you have to push your own boundaries and get out of that comfort zone. Need a hand getting started on your content? Well, you're in luck! You should sign up for our kickass 12 Days of Content Challenge. During this 12 day email challenge, you will be challenged to create awesome, original content including 3 blogs, a video and a newsletter. You will also get yourself organzied and set for success with an editorial calendar and tips and tricks from the all-knowing Jensie. Bring it on!

So, get out there and make great content happen! Push the fear and reservations out of your mind and let the Barenaked Ladies tell you JUST what the Odds Are:


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