#MondayFunday - Memphis, Goats, and You're Never Too Old

Posted on November 09, 2015 by Jensie in Monday Funday

Last week I joined my sister in Memphis for a couple days. We never get to hang out—in fact, since I left for college in 2000, we've haven't lived in the same state. So, we text and phone and try to be each other's cheerleaders long distance. 

She was in Memphis to interview at the optometry school there, and I was happy to be along for moral support. (And to eat ribs and grits, drink lots of beer and sweet tea, and think I was hallucinating goats and kangaroo-topped buses.) But she's not like the other applicants. At just over 30 and married with two kids, she was easily the oldest one interviewing (and maybe one of a few without their parents). Let's just say it's taken her a few years to figure things out and find her path.

Some haters have told her she's too old for this and it's time to just take her not so bad optician job and be happy. But she can't, not now. Now she knows what she wants, and is so close to getting to that next step. So for Monday Funday today I'd encourage you to stay the course. You're never too old to take that leap, to find something you're passionate about and making that your life. Of course, I was over 30 when I started my business, and hell, my spouse won't have his first real job until nearly 40. I guess we're all late-ish bloomers around here!


Memphis nacho MILF selfie. #milfie

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