#MondayFunday - Play Every Down

Posted on October 19, 2015 by Jensie in Monday Funday

So even though I got my Master's at the University of Michigan (Flint campus), we have always been die hard Michigan State fans. They gave my spouse two advanced degrees and we gave them lots of money, so it seems fair. Also, when we got to Michigan in 2007, State were the underdogs in a lot of ways. This weekend, in case you've been under a rock, these football teams played and finished with an epic moment that will go down in history.

When I first saw the play, I wrote it off simply as the punter really screwing up. However, after reading about it and watching it a few more times, it sunk in: State played every down. It would've been easy for them to write off that last play, frustrated and ready to head back to the locker room. 

But they didn't give up. Even though people were leaving the stadium, sure that UM had sealed it up, State went out and knew they had a chance.

So today, for Monday Funday, a little Dumb and Dumber and a reminder to play every down, don't phone it in. Play hard and get the work done. You won't regret it.