Content Marketing, Graphic Design, and More

Posted on September 13, 2014 by Jensie in About Slanted

So here we are! And I’m launching a new company. That’s being a little liberal with the terminology considering nothing much is changing. I’m still doing the bulk of the work and legwork, but I’ve grabbed a few strategic partners to help me give a more full service menu to my clients.

I’ve been on my own both writing content and consulting about content marketing, social media, and traditional marketing for about 8 months, and it has been amazing. But clients always need more, and I needed a more streamlined way to get the work done. See, writing is usually only half the battle. Blog posts are better with a graphic, as are social media posts. There’s no way I could tackle an infographic, a brochure, or any complicated design project. And my skills doing Facebook covers and website headers are a little sketchy at best. That’s where real life designers come in. And if they’re on my end, I don’t have to worry about getting contact information, figuring out how to get them files and information, or the clients having to manage their own projects. This way, I’m a one stop shop, giving my clients a great service with a lot less hassle.

And if the content I’m writing isn’t going to Facebook, a blog, a newsletter, or a print piece, you can be sure it’s going onto a website. I’ve been working on my WordPress skills and am happy to say we can put up a nice brochure site if that’s what’s needed, or I can update a theme and add functionality. I’m also experienced in Concrete5, Drupal, Expression Engine, and DNN to change or add content. If a client needs something a little more complicated, I have some great designers and developers I work with to make sure the site is nice to look at and functional.

In the near future, I’m working to add video and other services, like SEO, to my offerings.

So thanks everyone so far for your support. Please pass on my info to anyone who could use our services! And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter. It’s bound to be helpful and probably a little sarcastic.

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