Sunday Funday – September 21

Posted on September 21, 2014 by Jensie in SundayFunday

Hey! It’s Sunday! Some people love Sundays, some people hate them. Me? It depends on what’s going on that day. But here at Slanted, our Sunday Funday post will be short and sweet and give you something to look forward to as you start your new week. So, here’s what’s on the docket today:

  • We launched the Slanted blog, so check out my post on social media and pull ups. *Spoiler Alert: I did a few pull ups this week.*
  • We also sent out our first newsletter! You’ll want to get signed up for it so you don’t miss out this week!
  • Need some motivation? Check out these 5 quotes from Mark Cuban. I’m not a huge Mark Cuban fan, but these quotes are spot on.
  • How about a laugh. These are jokes my dad would tell. And then he’d say they’re punny.
  • Finally, I highly recommend the e-courses from Braid Creative. Take a peek at what they’ve got if you’re a creative entrepreneur looking to spice things up a bit. (Full disclosure: I’m an affiliate for Braid—I’ll make some money off you if you take one of their courses. But that’s not why you should do it.)

That’s it for this week! See you  next week for Sunday Funday!