Sunday Funday – October 5

Posted on October 05, 2014 by Jensie in SundayFunday

It’s time for a Sunday roundup! Here’s some of the stuff I’ve been reading, procrastinating, and promoting this week.

  • I stumbled upon this great infographic with some best practices for nonprofits on Twitter. So even if you’re job isn’t with a nonprofit, you may be involved with one (or a couple). Here are some great ideas for utilizing Twitter.
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  • Like you, I’m always trying to be more productive. A lot of tips and tools and apps exist out there, but here’s a great list of ways not only to be productive, but effective as well. Check it out!
  • And finally, if you haven’t seen this yet, check out this Ghostbuster joke Diet Coke bottle. I laughed a little harder than I should have.

Anyway, that’s it for today! Have a great week and don’t forget to check out our newsletter, Facebook page, and Twitter!