Book Review – Traction by Gino Wickman

Posted on January 26, 2015 by Jensie in Business Growth

A couple of months ago I did a project for one of our clients, BookBrainer, where I “brainified” the book Traction, by Gino Wickman. That means I spoke with Wickman himself a handful of times, read the book closely, and wrote about 60 questions about the book. (You can read more about BookBrainer on their website.)

I really enjoyed the project. Wickman himself is my kind of guy: straightforward, honest, down to business, with a few cuss words thrown in. All of these things (save the swears) come foward in his book. From Traction, business owners and stakeholders can learn how to implement their own Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). What’s an EOS? From his website, an EOS “Is a set of timeless business principles and real-world tools that help Entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses.”

By taking his readers through every tool and setup, Traction isn’t the average business book—it’s a how-to and a handbook to get your business running efficiently and profitably. For me, many of the principles don’t apply (yet), but I’ve been using the Vision Traction Organizer (VTO) to set goals and vision for my growing company.

The best part of Traction has been watching some of my clients put it into action. Both Health Numeric and Idaho Estate Planning have been working on implementing their own EOS. I can’t take credit for both of them reading it (only Idaho Estate Planning), but I love hearing about their Rocks, Launches, and more.

I recommend reading through Traction as a way to get a good handle on the whole picture of your business—especially if you scaling or selling is in your future (even a long ways into the future). You’ll get lots of great tools for managing your marketing, people, and processes. And look for a BookBrainer quiz for Traction very soon!