#MondayFunday – SPRING

Posted on March 23, 2015 by Kara in Content, Monday Funday

After a dreadful winter (which, I realized is redundant) we finally made it March 20 which means SPRING. Only technically, of course. It likes to snow all the way through May here. Because that makes sense. So while it didn’t feel terribly Spring-y while I trudged through the sleet up on campus today, I’m in a Spring mood.

Spring is always so refreshing. I always feel like it’s a start over. It’s my time to make New Year’s resolutions. All the flowers are coming up again and the trees are budding. Everything else is starting fresh, so I feel like I am, too. It’s a good time of the year. A great time of the year. Actually, here’s a list of all the awesome things about Spring:

  • Spring cleaning- say what you will, I like having a clean house. And a clean car. And it definitely needs a deep cleaning after the months of being to cold outside to even want to try to pretend you’re going to vacuum that bad boy.
  • Picnics!- I could probably combine this with all things outside.
  • Spring Break- Ours was two weeks ago, but still. That was great.
  • Easter candy- Bring on the Cadbury Cream Eggs and the Starburst jelly beans.
  • daffodilsFlowers- Daffodils are my favorite favorite favorite. They were the main thing at my wedding. Actually, I think I have a picture:
  • Sunshine- Vitamin D. Yes, please.
  • April 25- the perfect date. Not to cold and not too hot. All you need is a light jacket.

So thank you Spring. Thanks for coming. Take off your jacket. Stay a while. I’ll make you some tea.

Happy Spring!