#WorkitWednesday – Press Kit Challenge

Posted on March 25, 2015 by Kara in Content, Work it Wednesday, Press Kit, March Madness

Alright, Friday’s post explained what a press kit is and why you need it. So as our final March Madness challenge, we off you this outline for compiling your own press kit. It’s important to recognize that this doesn’t have to be fancy schmancy. Keep it simple! This is another five minute task. It may take you more than that to get all the stuff if you don’t have it already (but you probably do, at least in some form), but putting it together is really simple.

A basic press kit needs the following:

  • Boilerplate. If you need a refresher on what that means, check out our post about it.
  • Bios of you and other important people in your company (partners, board of directors)—you may need to do a little writing here, or scrape from elsewhere on your site or from LinkedIn.
  • Professional headshots of you and your people. People like to know how they’re working with. And if they can’t know you know you. They should at least know what you look like!
  • Hi-res, good quality logo for download.
  • Photos and facts on any key products or services, if you have them.

Here’s a good example from Hootsuite.

Once you have this all assembled, we recommend taking the same approach as Hootsuite, and find a nice place on your website for all this to live. Make a page and make it easy to find! Depending on your business, you might want a downloadable PDF version, but that’s not necessary as you get started.

As always, if you have questions or need help, let us know! In fact, you can even comment below for clarification and we’ll get you an answer!