Facebook, the Necessary Evil

Posted on February 06, 2015 by Kara in Social Media

Facebook, FB, whatever you call it has become exactly that- a necessary evil. You can’t really get by without it, but it can be a real pain. Let’s look at why Facebook is good and why it’s not so great.

Pros of Facebook:

  • Pretty much everyone on the planet has a Facebook.
  • It creates potential to reach a lot of people.
  • It’s a great way to get your name out there, or promote events


  • People can get really selective about what comes through their news feed.
  • People don’t read things that don’t appeal to them.
  • It can be a huge time suck if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Check out Prof KRG’s list for more.

The thing about Facebook is that it really is almost necessary for every business to get itself out there. But it’s up to you to figure out the best way to use it. Your Facebook page can really help promote your business, or could be a disaster. Follow these few rules to make sure your Facebook is an asset, not a liability.

  1. Make sure you start the Facebook account for your business as a PAGE not a PERSON. If you start it as a person, you don’t have access to the activity and insights on your page. And you can add multiple administrators. Which comes in handy when you start to delegate some of your social media efforts to other people. ;)
  2. Once you have a business page, Facebook gives you the option to like something as your page, or as yourself. Make sure you are commenting and liking things are the right person. And just don’t ever like something you posted on your page with your page. We touched that in our social media pet peeves blog. Just don’t do it. Ya promise?
  3. Be careful how often you post. You don’t want to flood people’s newsfeed. That’s a really great way to get people to hate you. Stick to one, maybe two posts, a day. And you should be golden.
  4. Unfortunately there is no hard and fast rule as to frequency of posts to maximize your exposure. As you know, Facebook is ALWAYS changing their algorithms and making it harder for people to see your stuff. Here’s where you need to experiment and focus on building relationships—rather than just post exposure.

There you go—a crash course in FB basics. We wish you the best of luck with your efforts. And, as always, let us know if you need help!