In the Words of Robin Williams: Just Bee Yourself

Posted on February 13, 2015 by Kara in Social Media

On my first day of lessons this semester, my voice teacher and I decided that in correlation with my jazz improv class (that I complained about here), I should explore jazz more as a vocalist. Let me just say I looooooooove voice lessons this semester. And let me explain why. During that first day, my teacher explained the biggest difference between jazz lessons and the dreadful classical lessons I’d endured prior. “In classical music,” she said, “everyone is trying to achieve the same sound. In jazz, it’s all about exploring, experimenting and ultimately finding your sound.” I’ve found my home in jazz lessons because I finally just get to be ME.

Kara, what does that have to do with marketing? I’ll tell you!

What is a small business’s biggest asset? Individuality. Nowadays, there a giant, evil corporations for pretty much everything. The thing that’s keeping small business afloat is individuality and service. Use this to your advantage in your social media. It’s a big deal when people feel like there messages are being read and responded to by real people.

Social media presents a unique opportunity for open communication with clients/potential clients/customers, etc. This is why we strongly recommend against automatic reply messages. They’re impersonal and just not a great resource. But not even just on Twitter. But in everything—on your blogs, on your website, on Facebook. Everywhere. Just be yourself, and people will be drawn to you. Think about it. People hire people because they like them, whether or not they’re qualified. You can train people to have the skills you need them to have, but you definitely can’t change their personality!

As an added bonus, writing blogs and posts and tweets are much more fun when you just say what you want to say instead of what you think you should say. I can attest to that. For more info, I recommend this Huffington Post article that I really enjoyed.

And, if you’re having trouble keeping up or getting started with your voice as a business, let us know! That’s one of our favorite things to work on!