#WorkitWednesday- March Madness

Posted on March 05, 2015 by Kara in Work it Wednesday

I was on the phone earlier today with Jensie and she asked, “How did we ever get by without Google?” Google has changed the way we use the internet. And for the month of March we want to help you help Google make you look good, but we’ll get to that in a second.

March makes me think of three things: Spring Break, St. Patrick’s Day and, of course,  March Madness. Not necessarily because I’m a huge basketball fan, but mostly because I go to Utah State. And for many, many years, basketball is all we had. I’ve never really gotten into March Madness before, but this year is going to be a good one. Not for my team. We didn’t even make it to the tournament this year. But for Slanted and people who like Slanted :)You see, this year we’re offering our own little March Madness challenge. Each week, we’re going to post a challenge (that really doesn’t require a whole lot of effort on your part) that will help you re-vamp your image and own your social media persona. A little spring cleaning, if you will, for your online self.

Our first challenge is a really easy one: Google yourself. Have you ever done it? What comes up? Take inventory. Do you like what you see? Did you find anything you didn’t expect to find?

That’s all you’ve got to do this week! Next week, we’ll explain how you can be more aware of your involvement on the internet, whether you know it’s happening or not. It’ll be good. So don’t miss it.