#MondayFunday – Science says you should take more naps

Posted on March 09, 2015 by Kara in Monday Funday

Once upon a time (actually, about two years ago), I lived in the Philippines. The Philippines was a great experience for me for a bunch of different reasons. There were some things that were reDUNKulously hard to get used to (i.e. cold showers, bugs bugs bugs, no air conditioning, sweating all the time, more bugs, interesting food, very blunt people, bugs, a totally foreign language, did I mention the bugs?), but really I loved it and I really miss a lot of things about it.  Do you know what I miss? It’s not only acceptable, but almost expected, to take a nap everyday. It was awwwwwwesome. Everyday, around 1:00, everyone would crawl on to their bed (or floor, or cardboard) and take a little catnap. Other countries do this, too. According to these people, Spain shuts down between 2-5 pm so everyone can have a siesta. I don’t know how accurate this article is, but anything that says naps are scientifically proven to be beneficial to your health is alright by me.

Also, this infographic.

So there you have it. Take naps. They’re good for you. Science says so.