#WorkitWednesday- Google Alerts

Posted on March 11, 2015 by Kara in Work it Wednesday

As a follow-up to lasts week’s challenge to google yourself, we want to show you what you can do to make sure you are aware of what’s being said about you. We want you to control how people see you. And Google Alerts is a great tool to do that. Jensie has created this really awesome tutorial complete with screenshots. It takes about thirty seconds to set up and it will help you keep up with your online mentions. Check it out. Really. Then do it. Watch the magic happen.

Your online reputation is really critical in good business. Everyone goes online for reviews/referrals/etc. before they go somewhere/buy something. I’m actually pretty sure that’s the only reason my husband has a smart phone- to read all the Amazon reviews before he buys something. Right there. In the middle of the store. Chris Silver Smith wrote this really helpful article on a few extra steps you can take to improve your online presence. The bottom line is that you can’t ignore it. You’ve got to put in some effort. If it gets to be too much, reach out for help.

The next step after all this is what Jensie said on in her post on Friday. Pay attention to what people are saying. Take the appropriate action to follow up on people’s comments. It’s just good business.

There you have it. That’s this week challenge. Set-up Google Alerts. It’s good stuff. And check out next week’s blog for the next challenge.